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Smoking Femdom's - Added 20/03/2017
Well we're ready to relax and have a long smoke. You can watch if you want but we don't care about you at all. So sit down like the dog you are and whimper in front of us. You might be able to smell our feet if you're lucky...... view the full set
Slo Mo Feet - Added 13/03/2017
Just a horny and seductive close up of my wiggling my delicate toes for you feet fetishist out there!... view the full set
3 Girl Humiliation - Added 06/03/2017
We look fantastic today and we absolutely know it. You can sit there and beg us to fuck you but all we're going is humiliate you and make you feel worthless as you play with your tiny little cock!... view the full set
Lingerie Bitch - Added 27/02/2017
I may very well be very an incredibly sexy lingerie set but you're not getting your dirty hands on it. I might let you touch yourself though, but I'll probably use this chastity device on you! ... view the full set
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