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Tight PVC - Added 19/11/2018
A do love a saucy little PVC outfit. The tighter the better for me because I like to show off my arse! Why don't you be an obedient little worm and come help me out of this dress? I'll let you enjoy my body after if you're a good boy...... view the full set
Nylon Worship - Added 12/11/2018
I'm half way ready for a night out but there's always time to have my dirty little submissive's to get on their knees in front of me and give them a lovely bit of worship.... view the full set
Tiff And The TGirl - Added 05/11/2018
Another day, another pathetic TGirl in my dungeon and this pathetic little specimen really enjoyed my hand slapping away at his cock.... view the full set
Creamy Chocolate Teasing - Added 29/10/2018
I'm enjoying this creamy chocolate a lot more than I'd enjoy your pathetic little cock but I guess I'll let you play with yourself while I enjoy it.... view the full set
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