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A Real Mouthful - Added 17/07/2017
This fucking pathetic boy spoke way too much for my liking so I decided to shut him up the only way I knew how, a big dildo in his mouth!... view the full set
The Size I Want - Added 10/07/2017
Let's discuss the size of cock that I expect you to have and the size that I actually imagine you having. I feel like I'm going to be disappointed today and you are going to be punished!... view the full set
Love My Feet You Sissy - Added 04/07/2017
I ordered him to love my feet but I really didn't need too. He was down on his knees begging almost immediately, what a pathetic man.... view the full set
Tight PVC - Added 26/06/2017
A do love a saucy little PVC outfit. The tighter the better for me because I like to show off my arse! Why don't you be an obedient little worm and come help me out of this dress? I'll let you enjoy my body after if you're a good boy...... view the full set
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