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Smelly Feet - Added 04/12/2017
We both have really smelly feet today after a long day of walking around. We noticed it almost immediately after we took our shoes off but it didn't make us feel sick, it made us feel wet. You'd love to bury your nose deep between our toes wouldn't you?... view the full set
Tiff And The TGirl - Added 27/11/2017
Another day, another pathetic TGirl in my dungeon and this pathetic little specimen really enjoyed my hand slapping away at his cock.... view the full set
Jacuzzi Feet Worship - Added 20/11/2017
We're in the jacuzzi today and we're teasing and tormenting you with our gorgeous wet feet. But you don't get to play with them you pathetic thing, you can only watch.... view the full set
You Love The Sound - Added 13/11/2017
You just love the sound of hearing me have a pee don't you, you filthy slut. Hearing that sploshing noise as it hits the water below and seeing my facial expression of pure relief. You are filthy!... view the full set
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