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Smokey Strapon Seduction - Added 18/06/2018
I'm blowing smoke all over my strapon so it tastes very ashy before it goes deep down your slutty throat. I don't want to hear any complaining, you will enjoy it!... view the full set
Chastise Her Boyfriend - Added 11/06/2018
He cheated on HER? Unbelievable. This pathetic man is going to get torn to shreds, he should feel blessed we even give him the time of day!... view the full set
That PVC Touch - Added 04/06/2018
Watch and listen as I slip my hands into these PVC gloves and rub them together. I just wish I had your little cock in my hands so you could be teased and tormented by them!... view the full set
Red Haired Bitch - Added 28/05/2018
Fiery red hair and a mean attitude is what you're getting today, and let me tell you, I feel extra bitchy! So sit down and shut up as I tease and chastise you like only I can!... view the full set
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