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Off The Wall - Added 22/10/2018
Just hanging around by the wall, smoking seductively just how you like it. Watch me exhale all this smoke and imagine it being over your little cock!... view the full set
Cum Munchers - Added 15/10/2018
Hello you little cum munchers, it#s time for you to take your orders from the Mistress and I have a very wicked mind today.... view the full set
Love My Feet You Sissy - Added 08/10/2018
I ordered him to love my feet but I really didn't need too. He was down on his knees begging almost immediately, what a pathetic man.... view the full set
Taking Control Of The Girl - Added 01/10/2018
She's one wild girl in the bedroom and she needs to be taking control of and fully enjoyed. That's where myself and my gorgeous FemDom friend are going to come in, after we get here tied to the bed that is!... view the full set
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