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Christmas Punishment - Added 19/12/2016
We're feeling a little festive I guess, wearing a bit of red, and we're certainly ready to dish out some pre-xmas punishment!... view the full set
Mistress Cane - Added 12/12/2016
I'm feeling particularly aggressive today and this cane of mine is hungry for an arse to smack down on and really leave my mark. All I need is a willing submissive that doesn't mind a pinch of pain with their pleasure. Are you that person?... view the full set
Mean Girls - Added 05/12/2016
Being a mean girl is one of the things that turns me on the most. Throw in some school girl outfits and a couple of strapons and this girl on girl bullying turned very sexy very quickly!... view the full set
Learn The Ropes - Added 28/11/2016
I'm learning the ropes on how to be more of a dominant bitch when I get the chance and Strapon Jane is the perfect teacher. She knows her way around a strapon and was more than happy to show me how it is done!... view the full set
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